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I help you to find your health and energy, let go of stuck  habits so that you can be happy and successful.

SunUp Yoga is for executives, professionals and entrepreneurs & their loved ones who are enthusiastic about their future and want to find strength & wisdom to handle the challenges of daily life; who desire to continue to make an impact in the world, want to breakthrough the invisible & limiting shell, and enjoy life to the max. 

This video has been deleted.

Life Rocks When You Stand Up

Be prepared to adopt refreshingly new lifestyle habits, move your body with therapeutic yoga and soothing physical activities, calm your mind with meditation, breathe and walk in new ways, examine your diet and sleep pattern. 

Our Mission

is to activate your inner wisdom & physical strength through workshops, public speeches, retreats, community events, private coaching. 


We connect with our local and global community in-person and online.  We walk the journey with you to build exceptional courage, find meaning in your career and joy in your personal life, declare your boundary, learn when to charge and when to let go. 


Wellness is your capital to achieve your goals in life.  Everyone is a gem with aspirations.