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I help you to find your health and energy, let go of stuck  habits so that you can be happy and successful.

SunUp Yoga is for executives, professionals and entrepreneurs & their loved ones who are enthusiastic about their future and want to find strength & wisdom to handle the challenges of daily life; who desire to continue to make an impact in the world, want to breakthrough the invisible & limiting shell, and enjoy life to the max. 

How Yoga Changed His Life
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Life Rocks When You Stand Up

Be prepared to adopt refreshingly new lifestyle habits, move your body with therapeutic yoga and soothing physical activities, calm your mind with meditation, breathe and walk in new ways, examine your diet and sleep pattern. 

Our Mission

is to activate your inner wisdom & physical strength through workshops, public speeches, retreats, community events, private coaching. 


We connect with our local and global community in-person and online.  We walk the journey with you to build exceptional courage, find meaning in your career and joy in your personal life, declare your boundary, learn when to charge and when to let go. 


Wellness is your capital to achieve your goals in life.  Everyone is a gem with aspirations. 


Everyone is born with the freedom to express and realize their dreams, be it to achieve your next big business or corporate milestone, run a non-profit organization, nurture your family or your dream could be to enjoy the serenity of life. 


Many people invest many years to work on their dreams.  Some succeed, some gave up long ago.  It is the soundness of the mind, and their bodies’ ability to move on that draws them closer and closer to their dreams.  We are here to support you to work on your dreams by giving you the tools to tune your mind and body towards excellence.



SunUp Yoga exists to ignite your passion for excellence in life.  We provide you with ancient transformation techniques combined with modern processes executed in a safe and compassionate manner.


Whether you are an absolute beginner to wellness and yoga, dabbled in it a decade ago, or are looking for a life changing solution, we are here to help you reach your goals and dreams through inner and physical transformation.

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About Elaine Vajira

Elaine Vajira is a wellness & empowerment coach in transformational coaching.  She was a corporate warrior dealing with regulations and business growth.  Then, she fell into exhaustion.  She went to India for yoga therapist training and to Myanmar & Thailand for meditation for self discovery, and she emerged as a new person.  


Elaine experienced first hand the need for intensive coaching and support for people who are going through crisis in their lives.

Elaine is also available for public speaking engagements. Topics range from yoga therapy to meditation & mindfulness”

Our Programs

We provide both in-person and online coaching to suit your needs and fit your schedule. Read more about each type of program we offer and decide which is best for you.

Yoga in the park, Elaine Vajira, SunUp Yoga

Yoga In The Park

Small group yoga class for time-strapped executive to energize your body.

(In-person coaching)

Join us for a refreshing yoga morning in Singapore Botanic Gardens (UNESCO World Heritage Site).  Taste power and freedom in nature.

Join the community of like-minded people who are keen to take care of themselves through regular practice. 

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Master Your Mind

3 parts private coaching to calm your mind

(Online & In-person coaching) Meditation skills are life skills.  They are strength  straining for the mind so that it can become stable, bright and clear.

Learn from a seasoned coach so that you know you are on the right path.


Live to Shine

Holistic private mentoring to rebuild your health & transform your life

(Online & In-person coaching) Supporting Determined People to meet the challenges in their careers and marriages head on and emerge with new confidence & power.

Learn & implement holistic wellness and transformation practices to enjoy positive changes your life. You do not have to do it alone.

Learn more about the SunUp Yoga Academy System™, our approach that sets us apart from other yoga studios. We focus on our framework of Leadership, Compassion, and Technique.


"Elaine listens and readily adapts to my needs.  She extends a listening ear to pick up on the way I practice and guides me on overcoming my obstacles.  


—  Captain Marcus Wong, Pilot for The world's premier airline

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