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SunUp Yoga & Elaine

Elaine created SunUp Yoga after she found that yoga and meditation helped her fight against her lethargy.  She ventured to India, where she studied yoga at two renowned Yoga and Naturopathy Therapy Centres. After spending years training her mind and body, she began spreading her teachings to others in an effort to ease the stress, pain, and suffering that comes with daily life as well as health disorders. For over six years she has worked to guide people to self-compassion, healing, and happiness. Her passion is helping people be the best them they can be. 
You can be the best YOU, and I can help!
My yoga and meditation style reflects the strength and wisdom of the gurus and lineages under which I trained - Satyananda Yoga™, Dr. H. R. Nagendra, Iyengar Yoga, Satya Narayan Goenka and the Mahasi Method. I have coached  a wide range of students, many facing incredible challenges.  My students' and others' experiences have confirmed what my own personal experiences have taught me: ​​ Meditation and Yoga are effective and inspiring healing & rejuvenating modalities that are attainable.  With the right guidance, these lasting benefits are within reach of all people. For all of these reasons, I am happy to devote my time, energy, and passion into helping others learn and flourish through Yoga and Meditation.

You can be your best self, and I'm honored to be your guide. I'll take you along the path of self discovery and better health.

My Yoga Story

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Yoga and meditation helps me be my best self.
Before I dedicated my myself to this health & wisdom education journey, I was fiercely ambitious with a big appetite for fame and luxury.  I focused on fulfilling the demands of my career and people around me. I neglected the most important person - Myself.  Eventually, life fell apart.  To rebuild my life, I went to live in the yoga ashram in India and trained in the yoga therapy hospitals; and also travel widely and frequently to the forests and meditation centers for my practices. 

Feeling my own evolution and witnessing similarly incredible results in others has convinced me it is an important part of my life’s purpose to share these techniques with you.​​
My Yoga Story
There were times when it seemed like life was only this suffering, but something inside of me knew there was more to life, and more to me.   This fueled my curiosity and passion.  There is something like this in you, as you read these words; you know that you are meant for more. 

Yoga and meditation helped me evolve out of a life of exhaustion; these techniques can guide you too, to provide relief and cultivate your truest happiness.
In 2000, I began my meditation yoga journey in Singapore. I knew there had to be more than the exhaustion, frustration and confusion burdening me. ​This path took me to the forests and meditation centres in Myanmar, Malaysia and Thailand in search of gurus' guidance.  There were times I almost gave up; real happiness or simply relief seemed unattainable.  Yet something deep within me urged me to go on.  Through deep meditation and yoga, I was able to find a peace I had not previously known, as well as a stronger sense of self. I came to understand what the great sages have been teaching in Yoga for the last 5000 years - the union of mind and body is the ultimate step in meditation.  


Learn about how I prepared to share my passion
  • Yoga Instructor Certificate from sVYASA - The Yoga University that specialises in yoga research and yoga therapy.
  • Diploma in Yoga Education from Yoga Vidya Gurukul, India.
  • Diploma in Yoga Therapy from Yoga Vidya Gurukul, India.
  • Trained in Arogyadham Yoga and Naturopathy Therapy Center, India.
  • Trained in Pichey Phimpson Yoga Therapy Centre, India.
  • Elaine also practised with senior Iyengar Yoga teacher Olop Arpipi.
  • Yoga Sequencing with Jason Crandell.
  • A practitioner of Insight Meditation.
  • A practitioner of Gentle Bio-Energetics Butterfly Therapy Touch - developed by Dr. Eva Reich. ​​
Explore my offerings on my website or contact me directly to see how my teachings can help support you on this incredible journey of yoga and meditation.  I look forward to connecting with you.

The SunUp Yoga Academy System™


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  • The first person you ever need to lead is yourself.  Without that, you cannot go far with confidence and comfort.  We'll help you connect with yourself.

  • To have a breakthrough in your physical and mental space you need a coach who knows which direction you want, and need.  For safety reasons and for effectiveness. 

  • To motivate you, to create opportunities for your evolution, to reflect back to you that you are working too hard, too little, or moving in the wrong direction, or sometimes even to let you make that mistake so that the forefathers’ knowledge becomes your wisdom through practical experience.

  • We don’t hand the control over to you eventually.  We don’t have to.  As you persist, you will discover the inherent leadership inside yourself.  


  • People are too hard on themselves or they work too hard, thinking that is the way to achieve their dreams, to stand out and to eventually make life count. 

  • Problems arise from not realising the values that they adopt from early formative years no longer work. Or they did something so wrong that one can’t forgive oneself, or someone did them a huge injustice and they can’t forgive others. This creates an invisible stumbling block to their own growth and confidence in themselves. ​

  • We understand.  We support you to do what you can do.  To accept yourself as you are.  To love you as you are.  We do not force you to progress according to what we think is right (safety being an exception), we support you to work on your objectives. We provide a safe space to be listened to and understood.


  • Time-tested, ancient techniques that have worked on countless people before you, combined with modern time processes for your healing and to build you up gradually.  Involves Q&A, feedback, rear view mirror approach.

  • We do not blindly believe in ancient techniques.  For tools that are introduced into your syllabus, we have a rationale backing up the inclusion.

  • We believe in a systematic way of healing - rather than focusing on one condition and ignoring others (to their detriment), we seek to work with your many health needs in a way and order that benefits you most. Our yoga and meditation techniques compliment your daily life and your health management.

The SunUp Yoga Academy System
Elaine is also available for public speaking engagements. Topics range from yoga therapy to meditation & mindfulness.
Speaking Engagement
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