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My Yoga Story

Yoga and meditation helps me be my best self.
Before I dedicated my myself to this health & wisdom education journey, I was fiercely ambitious with a big appetite for fame and luxury.  I focused on fulfilling the demands of my fast rising career and people around me. I neglected the most important person - Myself.  Eventually, life fell apart.  I became ill gravely.  I went to live in the yoga ashram in India and trained in the yoga therapy hospitals; and also travel widely and frequently to the forests and meditation centers for my practices. 
Feeling my own evolution and witnessing similarly incredible results in others has convinced me it is an important part of my life’s purpose to share these techniques with you.​​
I suffered from Major Depression Disorder, which affected my work, relationships and social life. I walked like a zombie, stared blankly into the air, had sleepless nights, ate instant noodles at 3am, limped badly and carried severe backaches.  I hid at home and didn’t want to talk to anyone.  I couldn’t bear to look at myself in the mirror, which after all was a face scrounged together in misery and despair.  I felt like crying but there were no tears while I was alone, yet tears rolled down at the most inappropriate times with others.  Isolation set in, and it seemed nothing could ease my sense of disconnection.  Where I once felt competent, now simple things were huge challenges.  I felt like a mess, inside and out.
But more than that, I was in deep and dark abyss.  Something had to change.   
There were times when it seemed like life was only this suffering, but something inside of me knew there was more to life, and more to me.   This fueled my curiosity and passion.  There is something like this in you, as you read these words; you know that you are meant for more. 
"You know you can heal and thrive." I made a strong, life-changing vow:  I am going to heal.
Yoga and meditation helped me evolve out of a life of pain; these techniques can guide you too, to provide relief and cultivate your truest happiness.
In 2000, I began my meditation yoga journey in Singapore. I knew there had to be more than the exhaustion, frustration and confusion burdening me. This path took me to the forests and meditation centres in Myanmar, Malaysia and Thailand in search of gurus' guidance.  There were times I almost gave up; real happiness or simply relief seemed unattainable.  Yet something deep within me urged me to go on.  Through deep meditation and yoga, I was able to find a peace I had not previously known, as well as a stronger sense of self. I came to understand what the great sages have been teaching in Yoga for the last 5000 years - the union of mind and body is the ultimate step in meditation.  
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