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Mindfulness helps me bounce back from career setback

SunUp Yoga Testimonial

At the beginning of last year, I experienced a setback in my career. I felt that what was lacking was a self-awareness and quietness in my inner-self.  


I was a worrier and was constantly thinking ahead too quickly.  Taking unnecessary actions before thinking things through.

I brought to Elaine's attention that mindfulness was what I wanted to learn and she explained to me the content of her course materials that would be suitable for me.  

Elaine is patient in her explanations, and readily adapts to my needs.  She extends a listening ear to pick up on the way I practice and guides me on overcoming my obstacles.  

My motivation levels are higher with her inspirations.  I have learnt the discipline of observation, which is so important in life and in my career.  

Since taking classes with Elaine, I've begun to observe how my too fast-thinking mind affected my relationship with my colleagues and friends.​  
I am confident going forward with the positive traits that I have cultivated with mindfulness.  
Elaine has become more of a friend than a coach and I look forward to more sessions with her.

Post Course Update:

Marcus continually applies what Elaine taught him towards his work & personal life.  He has since overcome his career setback and has been promoted to a full fledged captain.

Captain Marcus Wong 


The World's

Premier Commercial Airline

Elaine helps me recover from Marathon Injury

SunUp Yoga Testimonial

Julie Evans


Barclay's Bank

Asia Region

Being the Asia CIO for a large global Bank I tend to work long and stressful hours, and I am also a mum to two growing up girls.  To keep fit I became a regular runner around 3 years ago.  To set myself goals I began to enter 10k runs and half marathons.
The repetitive strain on the hip joints resulted in bursitis (inflammation of the joints).  My physiotherapist recommended that I practise Yoga as an additional form of exercise.
I start attending morning Yoga classes with Elaine in the Botanic Gardens.  She teaches me how to stretch and build strength in a wide variety of muscles using yoga techniques which help to balance the body and support the commonly used muscle joints. 
Since learning therapeutic approach to yoga with Elaine, I have trained and run another half marathon without any of the former injuries reoccurring.  
Spending large amounts of time sat behind a desk or in meetings, I also suffered from lower back and neck pain.  With Elaine's mindfulness yoga approach, I feel healthier, my flexibility has improved and I have become more mindful of my posture.  
Under Elaine's influence for meditation, I found ways to relax more in the evenings and enjoy a good night’s sleep.  I am now up nice and early for class on Saturday mornings and this give me the energy to spend a full and active weekend with my family.
Elaine is an excellent teacher.  she accommodates students of all levels and ability and ensures every student benefits from her classes.  Her instruction is clear and informative.  Mindfulness of the body and mind is at the center of her teaching.
Elaine teaches me how to be mindful of the sensations in my body.  I become more aware of how my behavior is influencing my teams' perception of how much I value them.
I have since been promoted to a bigger role back in London and want to thank Elaine for her mindfulness teaching. 
I am leaving Singapore after 6 & 1/2 wonderful years; I will miss many things about this extraordinary small island and my morning Yoga sessions in the beautiful Botanic Gardens with Elaine is definitely at the top of my list.  The lovely ladies that regularly attend her sessions are welcoming, friendly, supportive and fun.  
I would highly recommend attending one of Elaine's Yoga sessions.

Yoga gives me a more fluid body & less cluttered mind

SunUp Yoga Testimonial

Suzanne Classen

Head of Agency


There's plenty of laughter and I find myself smiling often during yoga classes with Elaine.  After every yoga class my mind feels less cluttered and my body more fluid.  
I love that Elaine holds her students accountable to working hard and correct form. 
Elaine’s class fits me perfectly as it’s a combination of physically rewarding and emotionally soothing.  The guidance she offers is specific and explained well.
I enjoyed her teaching style and the other “regulars”.  Elaine’s classes are non-competitive but personally challenging.  
Elaine is a petite person with a gorgeous smile and an iron will. 
I’ve recommended Elaine’s class to many of my friends and they’ve all enjoyed it tremendously.
Elaine gives me personal attention and explains in ways I can easily relate to.  Yoga is so enjoyable!  I’ve learnt to calm myself during stressful times in my life.  I am now completely comfortable with my body and who I am.
After learning yoga from Elaine, I finally realized that there is nothing wrong with me. 

— Serina Teo, Lecturer

Sunday yoga class with Elaine was one of the most joyful part of my weekly routine activities.  Her care for every individual yoga practitioner, thoughtful teaching in yoga, meditation, life and more, and the long-lasting friendship are what I take away with great memories.

— Sunnie (SunJung) Park, Senior Asset Management Manager

Recovery from Anxiety & Heart Palpitations

Carolina Sanz Sanz.jpg

I had been feeling stressed and with certain level of anxiety for the previous months before finding Elaine’s course.  I was experiencing heart palpitations and chest pain due to the anxiety.  I googled in search of possible options and it was only after reading Elaine’s program that I felt her one-to-one Yoga Therapy Course could work for me.

After contacting her and giving her details of my condition she invited me for a more informative session before committing to sign up for the course.  I did sign up for the course because I felt that Elaine was a very professional coach and her approach was friendly and sincere.  

The contents of the course included exactly what I needed, a totally customized program to my physical and emotional needs.  


​Elaine planned each lesson according to my progress, both physical and emotional.  


Every posture and breathing exercise was meant for a particular purpose and I could feel that my anxiety level was going down faster than I had expected.


Elaine is a approachable coach who truly cares about the quality of her work.  She has become more like a friend than just my yoga healing coach.   

I highly recommend Elaine’s holistic Yoga for Healing Course (Live to Shine) to those who feel stressed by work, lifestyle or personal worries. 

It provides a lifelong experience with plenty of takeaways.  Even though it’s about 2 years since I finished my course with Elaine, I still practice what she taught me during the course on regular basis.  


I really appreciate her help and coaching.

- Carolina Sanz Sanz

  University Lecturer

  A woman of a loving & supportive family

Institute of Mental Health (IMH)

(Psychiatric Hospital)




Institute of Mental Health Singapore

"Elaine is committed and passionate about imparting the benefits of practicing yoga to our patients.  She is a competent yoga educator - organised and efficient in planning the lessons to meet the different functional abilities of the patients.  

Elaine does not carry any prejudices and is comfortable socializing with our patients.  She is very patient to help the patients go through the various postures.  She communicated well with the patients and has good rapport with them.  


Elaine is compassionate yet managed to instill discipline to help our patients reap the benefits of the yoga sessions.


We are confident she will be able to contribute in any organisation."  



- Ms. Ting Mei See

  Director of  Corporate Communications

  Institute of Mental Health (IMH)



(Editor's note:  Institute of Mental Health is the main psychiatric hospital in Singapore.) 

Yoga with Elaine transforms my life

kim ng, SunUp Yoga

I learnt from Elaine that Yoga is not just about stretches or the ability to perform impressive poses; She had me realise that Yoga is a platform to comprehend one’s own body, mind and spirit.  Elaine leads me to face my own weaknesses and recognize my potentials.  


She guided me through a transformation process – from weakness to relaxation to easy maneuver.  This is a very important point - under Elaine’s guidance, Yoga is no longer a ritual to perform poses.  Yoga is communion with the body and mind.  

Finally I no longer pant in yoga classes like how I did for the last 10 years in my club. 


Yoga classes is a breeze to me now.

What I have learnt from Elaine are different dimensions of the human body and mind that complements my life coaching skills that I continuously add on to my personal development and also transmit across to my life coaching students.  


Without doubt, I will be continuing yoga classes with Elaine.


- Kim Ng

   Life Coach

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