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Yoga for Hypertension

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This workshop is beneficial for the following disorders:

Hypertension / Asthma / Diabetes / Digestive Disorder / Epilepsy / Cancer management /autoimmune disorder

Discover a non-invasive way to manage your hypertension/systolic level and access the strength to stay healthy and energetic for many more years.  In this workshop,  you will learn simple & proven techniques to induce genuine rest and potentially reduce your systolic level.  There is hope, come and be part of a special community who works hard and cherish self-care. 


Self empowerment towards your health and freedom.

Time & Location

22 Mar, 11:15 am – 1:15 pm

Balanced Living, 779 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 269758

6th Ave MRT (Map)

Stretch with Block

About the Event

Hypertension is a silent killer is caused by high level stress towards the physical body and/or emotional layer of a person.  Anyone after the age of 30 needs to watch out for its sudden arrival. 


With the achievement-oriented environment in Singapore, people are finding difficulty falling asleep or enjoy real rest.  Many people experience only shallow rest which affects their daily activities.  That result in bad relationships with colleagues and family, bad business decisions and execution capability.  The high speed  & random thoughts in the mind eventually leads to hypertension.  This psychosomatic disorder seeps from the heart and threatens the possibility of stroke, paralysis and other disorders. 


In this workshop, you will learn and practice evidence based yoga techniques to release angst and feel a true sense of peace and calm.  Many hypertension sufferers have practised these simple and effective techniques and experienced good results.  Read our participant's experience:

This workshop is suitable for:

Busy people, highly stressed people who can't unwind without medication intervention, frequent flyers, people who feels anxious often, people who experienced trauma (un)knowingly.  Absolute beginners to yoga are welcomed to attend this workshop.  At SunUp Yoga, we do not teach just exercises, we teach life management skills to help you find your health and energy so that you can be happy and successful.  

"A rare opportunity for participants to relax using evidence-based systematic techniques, and as important, for participants to feel that they belong to part of a special community who works hard and cherish self-care and bonding."  

Success Stories

This was one of the best experiences I had!  Elaine is incredible!  She gave me very thorough introduction to the history and foundation of mindfulness, and professionally showed to me how to approach meditation. I was so excited, that I decided to make meditation my routine. I feel enriched by my new learning, and I feel absolutely amazed how meditation can change your life! And those experiences happened only because of Elaine, dedicated professional and beautiful human being! Thank you Elaine! Sincerely, Marina Salman.

Marina Salman, Defence Attorney, New York city.

"Yoga & Mediation has helped me to find ways to relax more in the evenings and enjoy a good night’s sleep.  This gives me the energy to spend a full and active weekend with my family. Elaine teaches me how to be mindful of the sensations in my body.  I become more aware of how my behavior is influencing my teams' perception of how much I value them. I have since been promoted to a bigger role back in London and want to thank Elaine for her mindfulness teaching."  

julie evans.PNG

Julie Evans, CIO at Barclay's Bank (Asia Region):

ElaineYoga_06 cropped.jpg

About the coach:  

Elaine Vajira is a yoga teacher specialising in healing and breakthrough.  She struggled with exhaustion.  After years of seeking the solution, she found the antidote in yoga and mindfulness practices.

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