Yoga In The Park

Yoga at the Botanic Gardens, UNESCO World Heritage Site

Improve your health in a peaceful, natural setting, and rejuvenate your mind.
With these regular group classes at the Botanic Gardens, I'll help you improve your life.
Join our Yoga for Health & Energy Class
Sundays at 8.15 - 9.45 AM 
Would you like to practice Yoga with a considerate group of positive, like-minded individuals who are also looking to be their best? Do you practise yoga with full awareness and mindfulness to facilitate the release of aches and pains from your physical body, and ease of stress in your mind?​ Do you need a serious yet compassionate teacher who can bring this knowledge, discipline and guidance into your physical yoga routine?​
Then come join me, Elaine of SunUp yoga, for my special weekly class at a lovely site in the renown Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Single Session - $35

8 Sessions Package - $240

What can you expect from SunUp’s Yoga in the Park session with me?
Build your vitality and confidence.  This class attracts people who contribute to this supportive environment and are dedicated to healthy lifestyles.​  Whether you work too hard, have a lot of responsibilities on your plate, or are facing the ups and downs of life transitions, this class is a great way to unwind as well as gracefully re-energize.​  Come access your own inner resources with a gentle yet deep practice that will prepare your for the week ahead with confidence.
Be a part of a non-pretentious and friendly culture.  I work to keep class size small, with a maximum of 12 participants. This means everyone is included and gets what they need.  All levels are welcome and attend, from absolute beginners to intermediate practitioners.
Every individual is guided attentively.  I make a special effort to pay attention and guide every individual, no matter what your yoga and meditation experience. My training and experience help me cater to what you need on that particular day.​  Instructions are clear, and class size is small enough that I can help each student. You will never ever have to feel lost again.
This is your chance to immerse yourself in Nature.  How often do you get an hour to take care of yourself while also taking in fresh air and the uplifting affects of nature?  Yoga in the Park allows you to let go of stress accumulated in the body and release it to the earth. This is your chance to truly be in the most ideal location for yoga, an open air pavilion.  You will leave feeling nature’s rejuvenation mentally, emotionally and physically.
You strengthen the body while calming the mind.  This class is taught in a way you can understand. I thoughtfully plan our yoga sequence so poses are introduced from easy to difficult, and I provide modifications in order for every pose to be steady and comfortable.  Each week you are introduced to brilliant yet simple ideas to direct your mind in different ways. This not only helps you get deeper into physical yoga postures; it also calms racing thoughts and enhances your ability to focus.
What is your investment?
You have options to fit your needs! There is NO annual joining fee. 
1. Individual session: Attend a single class at your convenience $35
2. Package Deals for Committed Students: Receive 8 sessions for $240; this is a $40 savings, which is an incredible 17% discount. It pays to commit to yourself and your practice, and not just financially!
With sustained practice, you feel deeper results. This package remains valid for 3 months, so you have ample opportunity to make the most of your yoga time.
What must you bring?
It is simple!  Arrive early at the meeting point with:
1. Your yoga mat
2. BIG & THICK towel (to use as yoga prop) - optional for first timer
3. A bottle of drinking water.
Most importantly, bring your open mind and prepare for a fabulous time!
Where do we meet for class?
Meet directly at the practice area, the sheltered pavilion, a 3-minute walk inside the garden from the Botanic Gardens MRT station.  Click here for directions and maps to reach the pavilion.
When do you need to arrive for class?
Be sure to arrive 15 minutes before class start time. First timers are advised to set aside 20 minutes to find the exact location.  The gardens are HUGE.  This place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for good reasons!
Where should you park?
There are 3 carparks within a short walking distance from our meeting point.  Click here for details.
What if it rains?
We have a backup plan for rainy days!​ The pavilion is designed with an open-air concept, meaning you get the fresh air while sheltered from rain and hot sun.

If it rains before class starts: be available by phone on the day of class, in case SunUp Yoga must announce class cancellation.
You will be invited to select another group class day/time to make up for the cancelled class.
If you do not hear from us, CLASS IS ON! There is good yoga weather in the Botanic Gardens. However, feel free to contact me in times of bad weather for clarification.
Ready to stretch, breathe, and practice mindfulness in the lovely outdoors during Yoga in the Park?
I look forward to sharing Yoga in the Park with you! - Elaine
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