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Group Yoga Class @ Botanic Gardens

When do you need to arrive for class?

​Be sure to arrive 15 minutes before class start time to settle in and smell the flowers.  First timers are advised to set aside 20 minutes to find the exact location.  Singapore maybe small, but the gardens are HUGE.  After all, there is good reason why Botanic Gardens is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  



Where to meet?

​Meet directly at the practice area, Pavilion 6, right next to the Nut Tree.  3-minute walk from the Botanic Gardens MRT station.

​The Botanic Gardens Visitor Services staff are available at the Bukit Timah Gate Visitors Center to give you directions if you need help; be sure to mention the Nut Trees.  The staff are also located around the gardens, they wear white-colored polo collar shirt with beige-color long pants.

Important note: 

Pavilions numbering 1 to 6 are not indicated on the large physical maps displayed inside the gardens.

​See both maps below for directions.

How to reach the meeting point?

By public transport (MRT, taxi, bus) or on foot

There are 3 main gates (Bukit Timah Gate, Nassim Gate and Tanglin Gate) and several side gates to enter the gardens. 

We highly recommend that you enter via Bukit Timah Gate (next to Botanic Gardens MRT station).  From there it is a mere 3 min walk to our meeting place.  

If you enter via Tanglin Gate (near Gleneagles Hospital) or Nassim Gate, the walk may take you 30 - 45 minutes to reach our meeting point, or longer if you are not familiar with the way. 

SunUp Yoga in the Park
SunUp Yoga in the Park

If you are driving & parking​​

There are 2 carparks within short walking distance from our meeting point. These car parks are very popular on weekends; do set aside extra time to find a parking space and walk to Pavilion 6.

 Carpark 1 is located at Jacob Ballas Children's Garden.

For Carpark 2 enter via Cluny Park Gate which is along Cluny Park Road. 

Parking is also available at Cluny Park Court (opposite MRT Station).

Please note our walking track in map 2 below starts from Bukit Timah Gate entrance (aka Botanic Gardens MRT Station).  The map's track does not start from any of the carparks.  You are recommended to start at Bukit Timah Gate (aka MRT station) to get your bearings right. 

Singapore Botanical Garden Map
Singapore Botanical Garden Map
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