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Live to Shine

Holistic Private Mentoring to Rebuild Your Health & Transform Your Life

Online & In-Person Coaching

Supporting Determined People to Heal, Strengthen and Breakthrough in their Lives
My approach to Yoga for Healing is special; it is more than yoga poses.  It is a unique synthesis of
Yoga as Medicine, 
Lifestyle as Energizer, and Mindfulness as Life Guide 

Live to Shine teaches you how to move and think with a fluid, calm mind.  This private instruction quickens your progress, and.  Mindfulness exercises become less theoretical and more tangible, as you powerfully yet gently direct the mind and body more effectively.  Since you are guided and corrected every step of the way by an experienced practitioner, results are often quicker and more profound than if you did this alone.  Each person is unique and each journey is personalized.

Are you ready to invite more strength and happiness into your life?  Would you like to feel the benefits of Yoga for Healing & Transformation, Meditation and Mindfulness Practice? 

Schedule a free 30-minute discovery call with Elaine.
Is this customized course of yoga, lifestyle and intensive mindfulness training just right for you? This course is for people ready for healing, and also those ready to thrive.  This is for you if you desire:​​​
  • Heightened awareness, discipline and clarity of mind, and stress management;​​
  • A customized and guided format to cope masterfully with the various challenges life;
  • Help managing physiological and/or emotional issues;
  • Rejuvenation after major illness or painful life event;​​
I am here to help and, like you, my strengths lie in my unique experiences, skills, and gifts.  Let me help you access your inner resources. 

Live to Shine can help with many health conditions & life events, including:

  • Depression & Anxiety

  • Back Pain, Frozen Shoulder

  • High Blood Pressure, Heart Problems, Stroke

  • Overweight

  • Migraine headache

  • Diabetes mellitus

  • Gastro-intestinal disorders (Hyperacidity, Constipation, and IBS)

  • Hypothyroidism & Hyperthyroidism

  • Asthma

  • Menopause

  • Arthritis

  • Knee Pain

  • Divorce & Separation

  • Grief & Bereavement

  • Job Loss & Retrenchment

  • Pre- & Post-surgery Support

  • Injury & Accident Recovery

Each person is unique and each journey always provides surprises.  It is a personalized means to work with the mind to soothe the body and allow yourself to enjoy life by accessing your innermost resources. 
Live to Shine is not a substitute for medical care.

Learn more about the SunUp Yoga Academy System™, our approach that sets us apart from other yoga studios. We focus on our framework of Leadership, Compassion, and Technique.

When you invest in Live to Shine, you will receive: 
  • 1-on-1 90 minutes consultation for the first session, wherein your coach and you will identify and agree on the most important issues for you to address. 
    • This is a great opportunity for you to share the issues that bug you, your lifestyle including eating, digestive, exercise and sleeping patterns, and physical and emotional health concerns that you want to discuss.  Your healing coach will develop a blueprint for your healing and strengthening journey.
  • Subsequent private sessions each lasting for 60 minutes.  Every session is customized towards your needs and progress so you do not waste time or risk learning harmful techniques contraindicated for the unique condition of your body and mind.  
  • Clear objectives, as formulated from your initial consultation, and create a clear path and precise direction for your plan so you work toward your desired objective;
  • Photo & video taking are permitted during class times (strictly & solely for your personal use) so that you can take away those images for home practice.  You get to play an active part in your recovery, which is crucial for promoting your own empowerment, lasting gains and new healthy habits.
  • Review of your progress every session so you know if you are heading in the right direction, to mark places for correction, celebrate your improvements, and ensure you are confident in achieving your own wellness goals;  Ask questions and get feedback.  Deepen your learning - practice, adjust, practice, fine-tune, practice, excel!
  • Learn ancient yoga poses, yoga breathing techniques, deep relaxation techniques, yogic conscious rest, diet management and mindfulness practices that will get you in touch with your mind and body as you release the stress that eroded your physical and emotional health over time.  It’s now time to take control of the situation and get your life back and more.  Let’s explore the even more amazing future possibilities together!  Come, learn and LIVE TO SHINE.
You do possess inner capacities you can access to help yourself flourish!  My commitment is to supporting you throughout this intensive healing course.  Because I want you to be equally committed to your own growth and wellness, if you invest in yourself now through Live to Shine, you will also receive these bonuses to facilitate healthy habits: 
Your Bonuses graphic.PNG
Bonus (valid for participants who sign up for 10 sessions in the same booking): Graduation Lunch (Hooray!) to celebrate your milestone in life.  Your effort, persistence, understanding, health and happiness.  See how far you have traveled.  
Participants not residing in Singapore will receive a gift hamper. 
If you are ready to take charge of your health and well-being through Live to Shine, let’s get you registered!   
Live to Shine is your opportunity to:  
  • Receive guidance, companionship, technical and emotional support on your healing and transformation journey.  Witness your transformation via a plan customized to your specific needs and goals, delivered over weeks/months so you have ample time to practice, reflect, and refine what you learn, with an experienced and insightful mentor who cares;  
  • Empower yourself to discipline your mind, accessing its highest functioning to enjoy each day and perform at your best;  ​
  • Learn yoga, adjust your lifestyle, diet, eating pattern and intensive mind-training techniques for relief and growth;​
  • Take an active role toward your own recovery by using natural healing solutions and embrace new life-affirming habits to create lasting results;​​​
  • Regain control of your health and happiness by harnessing the power of your mind from a person who has achieved just that;
  • Learn the right yoga movements, yoga breathing and cleansing techniques for your body and ability level, to gain physical and mental strength;​
  • Improve your relationship with yourself and others;​​
  • Design and refine your own inspiring home practice syllabus so you can heal and grow whenever and wherever you are for long-term gains;​​​​
  • Be heard as your teacher extends a compassionate, listening ear to develop a full picture of the way you practice and live your life, and provide help to overcome your obstacles without judgment;​​
Live to Shine is Elaine Vajira's signature program that synthesizes time-tested, simple techniques to meet your individual needs.  It requires dedication, to yourself and to building a stronger connection with the world around you.  It takes work and a willingness to be honest and curious about what you find within yourself.  The riches you find within and the results you see in your daily life make it all worth the investment of your energy.  Your mind can help you thrive! 
​Healing and evolving is not always easy, nor is it a straight path that is the same for everyone.  It takes hard work, courage, and determination - but it's worth every moment.  You can uncover the truest, lasting peace that comes from within.
Packages & Pricing
Please contact us to discuss your schedule before booking this course. Elaine is happy to stretch and match your time if her slot is available for booking. We are at GMT + 8 hours (Singapore). 
Online Coaching Pack
1st assessment session (90 min)            
2 practical sessions (60 min each)        
Subsequent Online Sessions (optional)
1 session (60 min)                                    
3 sessions (60 min each)                         
5 sessions (60 min each)                         
Register for Online Coaching
In-Person Coaching Pack
1st assessment session (90 min)            
2 practical sessions (60 min each)        
Subsequent In-Person Sessions
1 session (60 min)                                    
3 sessions (60 min each)                         
5 sessions (60 min each)                         
Register for In-Person Coaching
Class location at participant's preferred address, eg, residential, office or outdoor. 
Additional transport fee of S$35/session for In-Person coaching on Sentosa Island. 
Elaine provides full sponsorship for people who are in dire need of coaching for Yoga for Healing but can’t afford it due to their financial situations.  Apart from the financially deserving criteria, her fundamental criteria of that person is he must demonstrate that he has already invested his effort to improve his health and life, and need a push/mentorship to bring him to the new life and freedom that he desires.
Please note that there are a limited number of slots available per season.

Bring Your Best Self!

While Elaine is an expert at her art, it is ultimately up to you to commit yourself to the process of healing. Prior to signing up for a  course, it's imperative that you understand that the bonus is on the participant to invest their effort, and working towards recovery may be uncomfortable and challenging at times.  It is because the process will naturally “force out” the values that the participant holds, that brought them to fall sick in the first place.

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