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The SunUp Yoga Academy System™

1. Leadership

  • The first person you ever need to lead is yourself.  Without that, you cannot go far with confidence and comfort.  We'll help you connect with yourself.

  • To have a breakthrough in your physical and mental space you need a coach who knows which direction you want, and need.  For safety reasons and for effectiveness. 

  • To motivate you, to create opportunities for your evolution, to reflect back to you that you are working too hard, too little, or moving in the wrong direction, or sometimes even to let you make that mistake so that the forefathers’ knowledge becomes your wisdom through practical experience.

  • We don’t hand the control over to you eventually.  We don’t have to.  As you persist, you will discover the inherent leadership inside yourself.  

2. Compassion

  • People are too hard on themselves or they work too hard, thinking that is the way to achieve their dreams, to stand out and to eventually make life count. 

  • Problems arise from not realising the values that they adopt from early formative years no longer work. Or they did something so wrong that one can’t forgive oneself, or someone did them a huge injustice and they can’t forgive others. This creates an invisible stumbling block to their own growth and confidence in themselves. 

  • We understand.  We support you to do what you can do.  To accept yourself as you are.  To love you as you are.  We do not force you to progress according to what we think is right (safety being an exception), we support you to work on your objectives. We provide a safe space to be listened to and understood.

  • Time-tested, ancient techniques that have worked on countless people before you, combined with modern time processes for your healing and to build you up gradually.  Involves Q&A, feedback, rear view mirror approach.

  • We do not blindly believe in ancient techniques.  For tools that are introduced into your syllabus, we have a rationale backing up the inclusion.

  • We believe in a systematic way of healing - rather than focusing on one condition and ignoring others (to their detriment), we seek to work with your many health needs in a way and order that benefits you most. Our yoga and meditation techniques compliment your daily life and your health management.

3. Technique

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